Tuesday 22 July 2014

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Famous Social Bookmarking Sites

social bookmarking

This article is dedicated to web lovers who want to increase their page views. Here some key points for successful blogging. Bookmarking helps to increase traffic on you site which is directly proportional to page views and helps for making back-links. Lots of question arise here what are backlinks ? What they do ? Do they necessary to increase page views of website ?

What are Backlinks

Simply back-links are web nodes received by other web node.(Wikipedia). Links are important for navigation. But Today their significance is for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Back-links defines the popularity of your web page. Google ranks the web page on the basis of its back links.In Lehman language if you want to place you website in top of google search it must have good back-links around web. SEO is adopted by most of the companies to get top ranks. Important thing is that Back-links should be done on related websites i.e if my website is food related then i should create its back-links on food related websites. The best example of backlink is here in this post. I took some data from wikipedia and i liked that stuff so i gave link of wikipedia. This is one of example of backlinking. We have tools to check backlinks of websites. Only backlinkwatch is free of cost while others are paid.
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Tools to check backlinks

3. Ahrefs
4. Moz


Bookarking is a way which enable user to add edit share its bookmarks among websites. Lost of websites are here which are used for bookmarking. Most of them are social networking websites because this is the place where we can found lots of users with whom we can share our ideas. This is called social bookmarking.
Stumble Upon and Delicious are two major websites which follow linkbaiting technique for backlinking which is assumes as good technique for creating backlinks as per search engine. This is termed as good SEO technique because by sharing content on social networking sites content can be reached to large number of people. Description can be added while doing social bookmarking in the form of meta data. In bookmarking user save the links on the web.
For better result of SEO companies do Social Media Optimization (SMO). The reason is simple behind it because there they get large number of people of same interest.This will lead to traffic to you web site.

Most Famous Social Bookmarking Websites

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