Friday 25 July 2014

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How To Delete Browser History on Android

delete browser history on androidYour Internet secrets are stored in your browsing history. As in computers browsers save browsing history same happen in case of Android phones. They also stores the browsing history. If you use multiple browsers in your phone. There will be different history for different browsers. This special feature can lead to embarrassing situations. Mostly young generation secrets are hidden in their smart phones. If they have to share their phone lots of them hesitate. If you are worrying about your privacy or planning to sell your phone, you must know how to delete browser history in your phone.
Some easy steps you must know to secure your privacy.

  1. While using Internet browser in your Android phone press menu button in the upper right corner.(with 3 dots)
  2. Tap to History button and proceed to next step. There you will have to option remove individual history or clean all history.
  3. If you want to remove individual history follow step 3.
  4. If you want to remove entire browsing history from browser follow step 4 and tap to clean all history button. You can also find this option in bottom of setting >Privacy.
  5. Here you will get option for removing saved passwords, remove history and cache. Its better to remove cache and history.
  6. Tap to "Clear" button for selected options and wait for completion of processing. 
You can check this link for better perspective with screenshots.

More Privacy Ideas!

  • Use Incognito window while using Chrome browser in your phone. If you use incognito browser will not store your browsing history.
  • Of course there are lots of browsers other than chrome. They all have private window for private browsing. Firefox, Opera mobile, Dolphin, Dolphin-Zero are some examples. Doplhin-Zero always run in private window. It never stores browsing history.  
Have an happy browsing.



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