Wednesday 20 August 2014

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How to share files between computers

how to share files between computers
Its become common situation that we have multiple computers,laptops . We need to transfer data between them ocassaionally. We don't need to use USB drive all time to transfer data or using mail service for sending files. You don't need to mess with complicated windows networking settings. Here are lots or easier way than this for transfer of data. Users worry about transferring large files because if we transfer with USB drive, it'll take so much time for transfer. Here we have multiple solutions for easy access explained below.
Share Large Files

1. Windows Home Group
In past handeling sharing through network was tough task for users. Users have to struggle with complecated settings of network. But after windows7 and now in windows8 company gave an ultimate feature called Windows Homegroup. Using this you can share large files over the network. ou just need to create Homegroup from the homegroup option within Windows Explorer and you will get the password. Just fill the password to nearby computers and then you can join your homegroup. Now you can acces your shared files from other computer over the network.


2. Dropbox LAN Sync

Many people transfer files using cloud storage like google drive, dropbox and skydrive. You you are transferring files using this over network then its too time consuming. You need to upload large files on cloud and then you download those files on other computer. Its being so silly.
Most of us don't know the feature of Dropboc LAN Sync. Its easy and you can share large files instantly.

dropbox lan sync

Dropbox offers LAN Sync. If two computers running dropbox on same network. They can syncronize files between them without long upload and download. If you add 1GB data into your Dropbox you can easily access that on other computer on same network. Best of all you can share folders on dropbox with particular person so that can be accessed by them. For small files you don't need to use LAN Sync. For that you can other cloud services like google drive and skydrive.

Bittorrent Sync

If you want to share large files without going online. I mean like Dropbox Sync which upload it to internet. You can directly go to BitTorrent Sync. It doesn't use cloud storage so you don't need to worry about your cloud space. you can share unlimited data using this. You just have to configure BitTorrent Sync to only work between computers over the network not on over internet. BitTorrent will automatically synchronize shared files and folders without copying it. Just install BitTorrent Sync on both computers, choose folders you eant to share and generate "secret". Use that secret on other computer running BitTorrent Sync. Then it will keep that folder in synchronize. This will happen on LAN. Here you don't need to worry about user permision, you just have to provide secret for sharing files nad its done.

bittorrent sync


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