Monday 18 August 2014

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Secrets of Google Drive you didn't know

Google Website Hosting

how to upload files to google driveIf you are looking to start your website but facing problem regarding web hosting. Don't panic at all. Google is here for you. We all know popularity about blogger which is famous product of google for hosting blogs and website. But this article is here to reveal the hidden secret of google drive feature you didn't know.
Yeah i am talking about google website hosting. You can create static websites using google drive. You can host your static website using google drive. All you just have to do is to install google app engine. 

You can get it from and create a new application. It will verify your mobile number if you never used it before. After completion this you just completed your first step.

Next step is to give name of your application. Try to provide name in lower case like traceyourview.  After that you have to download two installers for deploying your website and uploading it to google drive.
google drive tutorial

1. Download and install python from

2. Download and install App Engine SDK from

Next step is to upload your website to google drive. Just deploy your website using google app engine. Open Google App Engine Launcher progran and choose your website folder from location and deploy.
It will uploaded to your drive.
Article credit goes to DigitalInspiration. Hope it will help you.


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