Tuesday, 15 September 2015

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Panoramic Ball Camera

Wow its unbelievable. to capture your photo from 360 degree angle. This time camera is in the ball shape. We never assume any camera in ball shape. This is very handy as well.

How It Works: Its so simple.  Simply throw the Panorma into the air. The cameras will automatically trigger at their highest point, giving you the perfect panoramic shot without ghosting effects. You can also hold the camera in your hand and use it manually, by pressing the button or remotely via the Panono app.

The Panono creates a stunning, full 360° x 360° panorama in a single shot. All you have to do is throw it straight up in the air. Daylight conditions are ideal for takinpanoramic shots in this way
The Panono Cloud offers you everything you need to manage your panoramic shots. You can explore your panoramas in your web browser. Move within the picture and zoom into the details of 108 megapixels..
How it is Diffetent with other Camera: It is different by its shape i think no one think any ball shaped camera it is different thing na. 

 I know all of u who are reading this want this ball shaped camera ☺
I really like this panoramic ball shaped camera. What u people think about it share your comments below.
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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

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Exiting new App launched by Instagram named "Hyperlapse"

Instagram HyperlapseInstagram launched its new and exiting application named Hyperlapse recently for ios devices. Its going to be second stand alone application on behalf of Instagram which is acquired by Facebook now. Instagram first app is photo-sharing app named Bolt. According to Forbes Bolt app is available in selected countries Singapore, South Africa and New Zealand for both ios and android platform.Hyperlapse core feature is video stabilization. Hyperlapse can be used for making time lapse videos by using Instagram's stabilization
technology. Big question is how it is different from other camera apps or video shoots. Simply when you are shooting video from camera it is recommended to hold camera still for better video. But here concept is totally different. Hyperlapse app allows you to capture video even when you are moving still you will get better picture quality and effect just like movie making camera does. It capture video at lower frame rate than normal but plays at normal frame rate. Its surprisingly so smooth.

Video Stabilization Technique

Video stabilization technique is used to achieve smooth video while shoot. Here video is captures at lower frame rate than normal camera does. When it is played at normal frame rate it feels that video is running fast so that it reduces the shake effect while shooting video. It is called cinematography technique. We are talking about hyper-lapse we should also know about time-lapse. In time-lapse images are taken at specific time period and converted into final video where in Hyper-Lapse camera is moved across the distance and images are captured.

Hyperlapse is currently launched for iphone and ipad devices for ios7 and ios8.0 (Beta) version but not reveled release date of its Android verison. As per Wired Google needs to make some adjustments in Camera and Gyroscope API for successful launch for Android devices. Apple ios 8.0 camera app has also stabilization technique but still not effective as Instagram Hyperlapse.

Surprising new is Hyperlapse doesn't record sound while shooting video. User can create 45 minutes video in single shot. User have sharing option only for Instagram and Facebook. Not recording an audio is fees like  drawback but Company surely improves this by adding background sound in video. Hyperlapse got successive opening. Lets wait for its Android version and user response. Its going to be another big application of facebook.
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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

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Top Free Html Editor Software

free editing softwareThis post is dedicated to web developers who build web applications. When we are talking about websites its common sense that we are talking about html technology. Html (Hyper Text Markup Language) is famous as web language which is easy to learn and can be written in notepad. But now a days no one like to code in notepad software that comes with windows just because of its clumsiness. Here are lots of software for html coding which can also help you to find errors and plus point is that they comes free of cost. User don't need to pay for full version. Online Notepad is also an option but not worthy for crating web applications. Its just helpful for editing small files. Here is list of famous free editor software.

1. Notepad++

Nodepad++ is most common and very flexible software if you are talking about html editor. I personally use this software, latest version of this also help for suggestion. You can download its installer as well as zip file from its official site. Its current version is 6.6.8.  Best thing is its small size and easy to use. You can download notepad++ from this site.

notepad plus

2. Microsoft Webmatrix

Microsoft product webmatrix really improves from its previous version. It recently updated itself from version 2 to version 3.Webmatrix is really good for beginners and have some advance changes like it allows you to install plugins in your software. You can add shopping cart, mobile support and lots more plugins within it. It is open source software which comes free so another plus point.

microsoft webmatrix

3. Aptana

Aptana an open source software is not just web editor. But its famous IDE for javascript and css. Its core feature is its assistance. It provides you best assistance with respect to browser you choose for development.
If you are developing big application and working with ruby, php, ajax, jquery then aptana is best for you. 

aptana studio

4. Komodo Edit

It includes a lot of great features for HTML and CSS development. If its not wnough, you can get extensions for it to add on languages or other helpful features (like special characters). Komodo comes with two versions. One is Komodo Edit and other one is Komodo IDE. Komodo Editor is open source software that comes free of cost. Komodo Editor has tie up with Eclipse and CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor.

komodo edit

5. Eclipse

Eclipse is very famous editor software but more complex that above described software.It has lots of options. Mostly who work with java and other framework of java use Eclipse. It allows you to add plug-in. You can work in java, web technology in this editor. Eclipse allow to add plugin from marketplace. It also support mobile development. 

eclipse software

6. Netbeans

Netbeans is basically Java IDE but also help to develop Robust Web applications. Its not so famous, Eclipse took all the popularity but i assure that it is great IDE having all features like Eclipse and provide good assistance also. If user is working with Netbeans then he will find it more user friendly than any other Editor.

netbeans ide download

These listing are according to user experience.

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Friday, 22 August 2014

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How to make a make your product successful in internet market.

internet marketingIf a video have lot of views on youtube, its not just luck. There are several reason and real work behind it. As an entrepreneur, one's main motive is marketing of product to make it wonderful and successful. If your product has good marketing then it is going to flash like a bulb in dark. Youtube has 4 billion views daily. So its better way to reveal your product online so that maximum people can reach it.
Youtube is just an example the main motive of this post is to reveal your product online so that maximum people can reach on it.

But some interesting facts are here which can help you. Online marketing is not so easy. You must do some work for it.

online marketing services

You should do some social media optimization (SMO) on social media websites like facebook, twitter, stumble-upon.This is just one side of coin. You must do its search engine optimization (SEO) so that your product website or video link would come in top search.You have to keep your product in touch with people on internet so that they know about it and search related to that. If online traffic is coming to your lending page it means your product is becoming famous among globe.After that measure traffic on basis of country. It will help you to know popularity of product in country. This is the best time to launch your product in market because mostly people know about your product now.
Hope you will like this post. Please put some suggestion in comment.

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

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How to share files between computers

how to share files between computers
Its become common situation that we have multiple computers,laptops . We need to transfer data between them ocassaionally. We don't need to use USB drive all time to transfer data or using mail service for sending files. You don't need to mess with complicated windows networking settings. Here are lots or easier way than this for transfer of data. Users worry about transferring large files because if we transfer with USB drive, it'll take so much time for transfer. Here we have multiple solutions for easy access explained below.
Share Large Files

1. Windows Home Group
In past handeling sharing through network was tough task for users. Users have to struggle with complecated settings of network. But after windows7 and now in windows8 company gave an ultimate feature called Windows Homegroup. Using this you can share large files over the network. ou just need to create Homegroup from the homegroup option within Windows Explorer and you will get the password. Just fill the password to nearby computers and then you can join your homegroup. Now you can acces your shared files from other computer over the network.


2. Dropbox LAN Sync

Many people transfer files using cloud storage like google drive, dropbox and skydrive. You you are transferring files using this over network then its too time consuming. You need to upload large files on cloud and then you download those files on other computer. Its being so silly.
Most of us don't know the feature of Dropboc LAN Sync. Its easy and you can share large files instantly.

dropbox lan sync

Dropbox offers LAN Sync. If two computers running dropbox on same network. They can syncronize files between them without long upload and download. If you add 1GB data into your Dropbox you can easily access that on other computer on same network. Best of all you can share folders on dropbox with particular person so that can be accessed by them. For small files you don't need to use LAN Sync. For that you can other cloud services like google drive and skydrive.

Bittorrent Sync

If you want to share large files without going online. I mean like Dropbox Sync which upload it to internet. You can directly go to BitTorrent Sync. It doesn't use cloud storage so you don't need to worry about your cloud space. you can share unlimited data using this. You just have to configure BitTorrent Sync to only work between computers over the network not on over internet. BitTorrent will automatically synchronize shared files and folders without copying it. Just install BitTorrent Sync on both computers, choose folders you eant to share and generate "secret". Use that secret on other computer running BitTorrent Sync. Then it will keep that folder in synchronize. This will happen on LAN. Here you don't need to worry about user permision, you just have to provide secret for sharing files nad its done.

bittorrent sync

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Monday, 18 August 2014

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Secrets of Google Drive you didn't know

Google Website Hosting

how to upload files to google driveIf you are looking to start your website but facing problem regarding web hosting. Don't panic at all. Google is here for you. We all know popularity about blogger which is famous product of google for hosting blogs and website. But this article is here to reveal the hidden secret of google drive feature you didn't know.
Yeah i am talking about google website hosting. You can create static websites using google drive. You can host your static website using google drive. All you just have to do is to install google app engine. 

You can get it from appengine.google.com and create a new application. It will verify your mobile number if you never used it before. After completion this you just completed your first step.

Next step is to give name of your application. Try to provide name in lower case like traceyourview.  After that you have to download two installers for deploying your website and uploading it to google drive.
google drive tutorial

1. Download and install python from python.org.

2. Download and install App Engine SDK from code.google.com.

Next step is to upload your website to google drive. Just deploy your website using google app engine. Open Google App Engine Launcher progran and choose your website folder from location and deploy.
It will uploaded to your drive.
Article credit goes to DigitalInspiration. Hope it will help you.
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Monday, 28 July 2014


How to start an online business

how to start an online businessMost of us want their own business, we don't want to work under others. Mostly high-tech people want to start their business online. We all know online market is global market and largest market of world.  It has advantages like If you have your own business you will get all its profit. You don't need to worry about
holiday etc. But it has other face also. We want to start business, we have ideas but one problem is there that is money to start business. If someone has money then he/she lacks proper guidance. We all are newbies, we need proper guidance and proper management to maintain a good business.
Your future resides on your own efforts. So question comes here "How to start an Online Business ?"

 If you want to write your destiny then online market is for you. If you have solid product then online market has millions of customers. You just need proper marketing plan to attract customers.
Here are some steps.
earning money online

1. Solid Product/Service

Online business has a benefit, it gives you millions of customers. If you are planing to launch a product then don't wait too much. Online market has lots of customers but also have lots of competition. No matter how much competition is there for same kind product, you just need to be different form others. Your uniqueness will attract customers.

2.Buy Domain/Hosting

Next step will be to choose your website name.you can get lots of companies who provides domain names. After that you have to take hosting to run your website. If you don't have enough money to buy hosting then you can create your blog. Blogger provides free hosting. You can run your domain name on blogger hosting also. its cheap and best.

3. Unique Content

Your next step will be to update your site so that user will get new stuff always. If you do so then users will become regular. It will help you to increase traffic on your website. Lets take an example of tech news blog. If you are posting latest content, news on your blog then user will love to visit your blog for latest update. If not then your traffic will automatically reduced.

4. Be Social

Don't just post content on you site. you should share your content on social media also. It will help your content to reach to number of users. You should be social. Social media reputation of website also help to attract traffic. Online business is all about traffic. More traffic is equals to more money.

5. Google Adsense

You can apply for google adsense to earn money online. It will provide ads on you wibsites which will help you to make revenue. Today lots of bloggers are earning money through Google Adsense. It better way to earn money online.
You can also check this link for more info about making online money.
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