Tuesday 15 September 2015

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Panoramic Ball Camera

Wow its unbelievable. to capture your photo from 360 degree angle. This time camera is in the ball shape. We never assume any camera in ball shape. This is very handy as well.

How It Works: Its so simple.  Simply throw the Panorma into the air. The cameras will automatically trigger at their highest point, giving you the perfect panoramic shot without ghosting effects. You can also hold the camera in your hand and use it manually, by pressing the button or remotely via the Panono app.

The Panono creates a stunning, full 360° x 360° panorama in a single shot. All you have to do is throw it straight up in the air. Daylight conditions are ideal for takinpanoramic shots in this way
The Panono Cloud offers you everything you need to manage your panoramic shots. You can explore your panoramas in your web browser. Move within the picture and zoom into the details of 108 megapixels..
How it is Diffetent with other Camera: It is different by its shape i think no one think any ball shaped camera it is different thing na. 

 I know all of u who are reading this want this ball shaped camera ☺
I really like this panoramic ball shaped camera. What u people think about it share your comments below.


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