Wednesday 23 July 2014

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Google adds Bitcoin in its currency convertor

BItcoin added in google searchBitcoin, The virtual currency which is very popular now had no existence before 2008.Price of Bitcoins took a high boom in 2013 from 13$ to over 1100$ as per Forbes. Current rate of 1 Bitcoin in 613 USD. Some countries do not allow bitcoins like china and india. While in US mostly people are investing money in Bitcoins. Its rates changes rapidly like share market.Number of companies like Paypal, Ebay, Wordpress and Reddit announced that they will accept bitcoin as mode of exchange currency. Online Poker games are also dealing in bitcoin like dollar and euro.

Coinbase "API creater of Bitcoin transaction" announced that they are helping google to add bitcoin in its search engine for currency conversion.Google made it easy to track the fluctuation in bitcoin price. Bing, Yahoo were already showing bitcoin conversion.
Bitcoin conversion in google search engine
Coinbase announced its deal with Google Finance last month. Bitcoin currency conversion is also supported by mobile search engine. This conversion also supported by Google now. If you ask "How many USD are in 5 Bitcoins ?". Google now will respond with immidiate answer.
Google Finance will also show you the graph of bitcoin current conversion rates as well as last year rate which is quiet good.
Most people are not using bitcoin right now. But it could be emerging future currency for world wide.


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