Wednesday 27 August 2014

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Exiting new App launched by Instagram named "Hyperlapse"

Instagram HyperlapseInstagram launched its new and exiting application named Hyperlapse recently for ios devices. Its going to be second stand alone application on behalf of Instagram which is acquired by Facebook now. Instagram first app is photo-sharing app named Bolt. According to Forbes Bolt app is available in selected countries Singapore, South Africa and New Zealand for both ios and android platform.Hyperlapse core feature is video stabilization. Hyperlapse can be used for making time lapse videos by using Instagram's stabilization
technology. Big question is how it is different from other camera apps or video shoots. Simply when you are shooting video from camera it is recommended to hold camera still for better video. But here concept is totally different. Hyperlapse app allows you to capture video even when you are moving still you will get better picture quality and effect just like movie making camera does. It capture video at lower frame rate than normal but plays at normal frame rate. Its surprisingly so smooth.

Video Stabilization Technique

Video stabilization technique is used to achieve smooth video while shoot. Here video is captures at lower frame rate than normal camera does. When it is played at normal frame rate it feels that video is running fast so that it reduces the shake effect while shooting video. It is called cinematography technique. We are talking about hyper-lapse we should also know about time-lapse. In time-lapse images are taken at specific time period and converted into final video where in Hyper-Lapse camera is moved across the distance and images are captured.

Hyperlapse is currently launched for iphone and ipad devices for ios7 and ios8.0 (Beta) version but not reveled release date of its Android verison. As per Wired Google needs to make some adjustments in Camera and Gyroscope API for successful launch for Android devices. Apple ios 8.0 camera app has also stabilization technique but still not effective as Instagram Hyperlapse.

Surprising new is Hyperlapse doesn't record sound while shooting video. User can create 45 minutes video in single shot. User have sharing option only for Instagram and Facebook. Not recording an audio is fees like  drawback but Company surely improves this by adding background sound in video. Hyperlapse got successive opening. Lets wait for its Android version and user response. Its going to be another big application of facebook.

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